Our Team Members

Our team of Youth Educators are only a handful of years older (between 17 and 24) than the very students they work with in-classroom. This dynamic allows for true learning exchanges because our Youth Educators know the topics students care about.


Favourite food: chickpeas!

Favourite word or expression: “Fine and dandy”

Why do you volunteer with BLUSH? I want everyone to be able to have the words and skills they need to explore their bodies and sexuality! I also like writing on white boards

What makes you BLUSH? Writing flirty texts... Getting flirty texts...Asking if I can hold someone's hand…Accidentally saying "you, too" when servers at restaurants tell you to enjoy your meal.


Favourite food: ICE CREAM! But I do not discriminate and love it all.

Favourite word or expression: "pew, pew"

Why do you volunteer with BLUSH? My sex-a-cation was very minimal at school, and no one even explained what consent was to me until grade 12! I think it is really important for youth to have a full sexual education in order to feel comfortable with their choices. I also feel like I learn so much when I facilitate workshops!

What makes you BLUSH? EVERYTHING. Seriously. It is too easy to make me blush. Stating that I’m blushing doesn’t help, it just makes me blush more.


Favourite food: Chanterelle mushrooms! - marinated, of course.

Favourite word or expression: “Don't knock it till you've tried it... twice.”

Why do you volunteer with BLUSH? When I ask "how are you" I mean more than small talk! I love hearing about the details in everyone's amazing lives and I want to create that safe space for everyone to share their concerns and excitements and to encourage others to have these discussions with themselves and each other! There's no healthier way to go about life than to continue to question and be curious and communicate really rad and unique ideas! Sometimes we need someone to give us that permission to explore ourselves in sex and relationships and I hope I can make it a rewarding practice.

What makes you BLUSH? Flirting and trying to be witty - just trying to be something I'm not: smooth. I always fail miserably! I look absolutely ridiculous and I am immediately humiliated! I'm learning to laugh it off though #beYOUtiful


Favourite food: Jasmine bubble milk tea

Favourite word or expression: "That's my Jimmy jam!"

Why do you volunteer with BLUSH? I volunteer with BLUSH because I want to be involved with youth health and education so that we can empower youth to be able to make wise decisions for their own health.

What makes you BLUSH? Just thinking about how I can develop strong feelings for another person makes me blush because, oh gosh, feelings are on another plane of existence. I think the "warm and fuzzies" of these feelings for another person can cause me to be as red as a tomato.


Favourite food: Any sort of spicy noodles, especially if they come with broccoli.

Favourite word or expression: "Oh my gosh!"

Why do you volunteer with BLUSH? I want to help provide the body-positive and inclusive sexual health education that I never received. Also, I love helping people learn in whatever capacity I can.

What makes you BLUSH? Watching TV shows and getting second-hand embarrassment when something happens to the main character.


Favourite food: Barbecued salmon

Favourite word or expression: "It's a plan Stan" - Stan seems like a cool guy with all his plans

Why do you volunteer with BLUSH? I volunteer at BLUSH because I believe that education is important to keep yourself safe and healthy. Having a strong knowledge base allows everyone to make decisions for themselves now and in the future.

What makes you BLUSH? Having butterflies in my stomach. It's the excitement of having feelings for someone!


Favourite food: chickpeas and avocados... usually in the form of hummus and guacamole

Favourite word or expression: "oh em gee!"

Why do you volunteer with BLUSH? I volunteer because talking and learning about sexual health and healthy relationships is so so important and is something that I believe doesn't get talked about enough with youth nowadays. I wish BLUSH had came to my school when I was younger because I believe what we teach is so unique and exciting. Also, I'm really passionate about working with students!

What makes you BLUSH? Awkward moments with literally anybody... which I constantly find myself in because I can be a pretty awkward person sometimes!


Favourite food: Vietnamese Pho

Favourite word or expression: “The Struggle is Real”

Why do you volunteer with BLUSH? I want to promote personal health, safety, positive attitudes and responsibility, while being a positive influence to the younger generation. I hope to help youth not only gain more insight what sexual health is, but to foster a better understanding of each other’s feelings by building a respectful and inclusive community, thereby influencing healthier decisions to be made.

What makes you BLUSH? Surprising Body Functions. When the attention is on us in a public setting, an unexpected rush of blood to a certain region beyond our control can be SUPER embarrassing. This was especially true when I was younger and topics relating to sex were more "taboo". Now I've learned to deal with this issue in more discrete manners and just slyly brush it off as it not being a big deal, because hey, it really isn't, it's just natural and healthy.


Favourite food: Maple butter

Favourite word or expression: "That is so lovely!"

Why do you volunteer with BLUSH? So I can learn more about sexual health and relationships and we can all share any knowledge we have with each other, learning through other people’s stories and experiences makes me thrilled. Yay for collective wisdom <3

What makes you BLUSH? Love :) I love love quite a lot and I get rather excited about it. Innuendos also make me blush as they seem to insert themselves into my sentences without my authorization...


Favourite food: Milkshakes!

Favourite word or expression: "Bow chica wow wow"

Why do you volunteer with BLUSH? Growing up, I had a lot of questions about relationships and sexual health, but I didn't always know who to ask and how to ask! So when I found out about BLUSH, it was the perfect opportunity to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, and become a source of knowledge for somebody else. On top of that, the fact that I get to meet so many cool people and learn something new every time I teach a workshop - that's what makes it all super worth it!

What makes you BLUSH? Seeing my crush. Thinking about my crush. Imagining being with my crush. Realizing my crush is famous. Realizing my crush might not like me. Finding a new crush


Favourite food: Homemade bread fresh out of the oven

Favourite word or expression: Ineffable - it's the best word for experiences that have no words

Why do you volunteer with BLUSH? I really believe in the importance of having honest conversations about relationships, sexuality and identity so that we don't get duped into believing everything we consume from the media.

What makes you BLUSH? Finding the courage to have the 'what is this and where is it going?' conversation......


Favourite food: Burritos! And chocolate. . . but maybe not together.

Favourite word or expression: "that’s so beautiful!”

Why do you volunteer with BLUSH? I volunteer with BLUSH because I love planting seeds and empowering people. I believe sexual health is a very important topic to introduce to teenagers (by peers they can relate to) because being comfortable and mature about sexual health can lead to better decision making and a more open dialogue around sexuality and relationships.

What makes you BLUSH? I blush a lot! I blush when I play sports and when I get sweaty. I blush when I get caught in a sticky situation and do not know what to say. I blush when I receive compliments that were unexpected. I blush when my partner kisses me. And I also blush when I laugh until I am out of breath. Sometimes, I blush just because.


Favourite food: Vietnamese Pho!

Favourite word or expression: “YAAAAAAAASSSSSSSS!"

Why do you volunteer with BLUSH? I have always been passionate about spreading the word about sexual health, and I have always wanted the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences of sexual health and relationships with other people! It is something that we should definitely not shy away from talking about, and we should constantly be discussing these topics and bringing them to light. As well, I really wished that I had the opportunity to attend a BLUSH workshop myself when I was younger, so being able to volunteer with BLUSH and facilitate a workshop like this is absolutely unreal!

What makes you BLUSH? When my significant other says "I love you" for the first time, and it catches me completely off guard!


Favourite food: Meat! Preferably steak.

Favourite word or expression: “Definitely” and “Perfect”

Why do you volunteer with BLUSH? I believe that sexual health and relationships are important topics that should not be shied away from in youths and teens. As a youth educator, I would like to create a safe and comfortable environment where more light can be shed upon these topics and equip them with the knowledge to make better informed decisions in the future

What makes you BLUSH? Having a conversation with someone I’m seeing about where our relationship “stands”/making it official and introducing that person to my friends and family and vice-versa, because first impressions are an important and scary thing to me!


Favourite food: Mac & Cheese with extra cheese

Favourite word or expression: “Thrive”

Why do you volunteer with BLUSH? I love having frank, open, and honest conversations with youth!

What makes you BLUSH? Saying "I love you" for the first time.


Favourite food: Cheese!

Favourite word or expression: “OMG”

Why do you volunteer with BLUSH? Sexuality is such an important topic that lots of people are afraid to talk about, and I know that when I was in high-school I was too! I want to help reframe how we talk about sexuality – from being that thing we grit our teeth through, to being a topic that might still make us BLUSH (hehe) but also being something that we can be more comfortable talking about for our own health and well-being.

What makes you BLUSH? Basically everything, my face is my biggest tell, but especially dancing because I’m so bad at it!


Favourite food: Mac & Cheese

Favourite word or expression: "Hakuna Matata!"

Why do you volunteer with BLUSH? I know how important knowledge about sexual health, relationships, consent, gender and sexuality is. Back in MY day (I say as though I'm 1000 years old), my sex education was pretty bare-bones and super noninclusive! Thus, I feel really lucky to be able to pass along some important info to other youth today, and to learn from them as well!

What makes you BLUSH? Making the first move! As soon as I'm ready to lean in for that first kiss I get totally nervous and awkward, even if I was as cool as a cucumber 30 seconds earlier.


Favourite food: Pasta. Pasta. Also pasta.

Favourite word or expression: "Articulate". Because it makes you sound…articulate.

Why do you volunteer with BLUSH? Sex wasn’t really talked about in my household, and there was a lot of misinformation in my peer groups. So if I can help give honest and accurate advice/information to youth in a way that makes them feel a little less alone and confused, I want to do that!

What makes you BLUSH? Sexy talk during, um…intimate moments. I just can’t help but laugh. It looks so much easier in the movies…


Favourite food: Matcha or really chocolatey ice cream

Favourite word or expression: "If every pork-chop were perfect we wouldn't have hot dogs!"

Why do you volunteer with BLUSH? I believe that open discussions about sexuality can empower everyone to make well-informed decisions about their own health. Through BLUSH I can help create safe spaces for these discussions to take place!

What makes you BLUSH? Singing song lyrics wrong and meeting my partner's family.


Favourite food: Ramen and Tacos

Favourite word or expression: “Meow”

Why do you volunteer with BLUSH? I grew up in an environment where sexual health wasn’t talked about very favourably or was a bit “taboo” so to speak so now that I have the chance to make a difference to today’s youth I want to be as active as I can in doing so and facilitating conversations that surround sexual health and wellbeing is something I am passionate about not to mention how important a role education plays in everyone’s lives. I also love the welcoming peer-to-peer dynamic BLUSH fosters.

What makes you BLUSH? Very direct eye contact, being put on the spot in classes or hearing that someone likes me or is hitting on me (it’s such an odd feeling?!)


Favourite food: Melted Cheese... in all its forms

Favourite word or expression: "You do you boo boo."

Why do you volunteer with BLUSH? I love providing a platform for young people to discuss and explore sexuality and sexual health!

What makes you BLUSH? Extreme PDA!


Favourite food: Fried Chicken

Favourite word or expression: Meow

Why do you volunteer with BLUSH? I enjoy helping people. Even if by a little, easing the awkwardness of puberty and aging is fun for everyone involved.

What makes you BLUSH? I have built up an immense wall of tolerance towards potentially embarrassing topics. It comes with the line of work :P That said my sister frequently discloses too much information and can occasionally catch me off guard with her antics ><


Favourite food: Ramen :D

Favourite word or expression: “Denial is not just a river in Egypt.”

Why do you volunteer with BLUSH? I think we all face pressure to do things "the right way," whatever we think that might be. BLUSH workshops teach youth some skills to be healthy, and encourage youth to decide on their own what is "right" for them. I think that's an inspiring message and I'm happy to share it.

What makes you BLUSH? When I’m trying to answer a question in class and everyone is looking at me. I feel like if I mess up, everyone will see and that’s stressful!


Favourite food: A good meat pie

Favourite word or expression: "Mother of Pearl!"

Why do you volunteer with BLUSH? Working with youth and teens has always been a passion of mine, and when I was provided with the opportunity to be a youth educator 4 years ago with BLUSH, it felt like a dream come true! It has truly been an amazing experience being able to go into a classroom and talk about an awkward and embarrassing subject with a bunch of awkward and embarrassed teens! Facilitating these workshops is honestly so much fun and I really enjoy being a part of a sexual health program that fosters and prioritizes such a positive, healthy and self-reflective learning environment.

What makes you BLUSH? Accidentally farting in public (despite the fact that it happens to all of us...as we all have gas...)


Favourite food: Mashed Potatoes

Favourite word or expression: "Ugh!"

Why do you volunteer with BLUSH? Because I believe youth have the right to know all the information about relationships and sexuality in order to make informed, personal decisions, and I love being the one to start that conversation!

What makes you BLUSH? Expressing my needs to partners, friends or coworkers. Getting waxed. Forced, awkward small talk. PDA. First kisses.


Favourite food: The masago stuff on top of masago sushi rolls is my enemy -- I could eat that stuff for days

Favourite word or expression: "Coolbeans"

Why do you volunteer with BLUSH? Because emotions are just as important as physical fun things, and we should talk about it!

What makes you BLUSH? When people catch me taking a snapchat selfie in public.


Favourite food: If I want to sound fancy I'd say sushi, but if I'm feeling a bit more honest... homemade mac n' cheese.

Favourite word or expression: “Thank-you” (Did you know that expressing gratitude is one of the most effective ways to become happier?)

Why do you volunteer with BLUSH? Sexuality is a huge part of the human experience (one of the greatest) and, somehow, nobody wants to talk about it. Some people even think it's taboo! What's up with that? Let's do something about it.

What makes you BLUSH? Receiving compliments, heavy eye contact, and having to explain this job to my grandparents!


Favourite food: BACON

Favourite word or expression: “Rad!” and “Totes!”

Why do you volunteer with BLUSH? I love the idea of peer to peer learning. I know I would have loved to have had someone I could relate to expand my knowledge on sexuality and relationships.

What makes you BLUSH? Pap tests! When do you ever hear someone is excited to go get one done? I just have to remind myself that this is a great thing, though, as it helps me make sure I'm healthy!


Favourite food: Butter chicken

Favourite word or expression: "Fair enough."

Why do you volunteer with BLUSH? To let the youth know that they're not alone in navigating the world of sexual and emotional health - we're all in this together.

What makes you BLUSH? Figuring out how to approach someone I like and dealing with the possibility of feeling rejected!


Favourite food: Pizza

Favourite word or expression: “Meow”

Why do you volunteer with BLUSH? It's fun! It's normally so taboo to talk about these topics even as I get older, so it's cool to create a comfortable environment where we can discuss these topics.
I really believe in what we discuss, as I constantly remind myself of the key points and find them helpful when applying them to my everyday life.

What makes you BLUSH? Watching sexy scenes in movies with my parents…even the kissing scenes can be uncomfortable to watch with my parents there!