What supplies do I need?

Our workshops require:

  • a minimum of 80 minutes to run a full workshop,
  • access to a White Board/Chalk Board,
  • space where desks/tables can all be moved to the side (no science labs, etc. please) to allow ample space for students to create a circle with their chairs and engage in our interactive activities.

Is supervision required?

Yes. We ask that a teacher or counselor be present during the workshop, as per School Board policy. Youth Educators are trained in classroom management but they are not trained or expected to discipline students, nor should they be left alone without a staff member present.

The Youth Educators will report to the main office a full 10 minutes prior to your scheduled workshop(s) and will await escort to the respective room(s), unless otherwise requested/arranged.

Is there a cost for the workshop?

Each workshop costs our program $60 to present. This amount goes towards honoraria for the volunteer Youth Educators and travel stipends to support their transportation needs.

We understand that some schools have budgetary restrictions and we would never let this stand in the way of our coming out to educate your students but an amount towards or covering this per workshop cost is very helpful for us – thank you for supporting our program!

Invoices are sent to you after your scheduled presentations have been completed.